You know it’s summertime when you feel pretty on the inside and want to express your prettiness on the outside. On the other hand, summertime is the main season that is at war with your makeup and the heat and sweet push your beauty off your face, so you have to take it easy on your makeup. Here is what I do in order to achieve my summer makeup look


Hydra Pro Glow by Kiko. I use this product to prime my face and I love it! Hydra Pro Glow is a moisturizing creme that contains hyaluronic acid and sunscreen (SPF 10) that protects the skin from sunshine. While applying this creme, its texture makes my skin feels moisturized and radiant. I also love the bottle’s dispenser that always gives me the exact amount of product, that is needed to take me to step 2

Fit Me Foundation by Maybelline. What I love about this foundation is that it is light, non-creasy and non-sticky and just good enough to cover blemishes, yet not being caked on your face. This foundation illuminates your face while bringing out your natural glow with a subtle radiance while having a matte finish.

Hide the Blemish concealer by Rimmel. If you suffer from really heavy dark circles under your eyes, this concealer would be a pretty good solution as its high coverage formula hides your blemishes effectively. Just remember to go easy on the concealer under summer’s heat as excess product WILL cake on your eyelids and under your eyes, thus looking all summertime sadness.

The Blur Kit by Bassam Fattouh. I got this palette at Jamaloukicon a month ago and it has never disappointed me ever since. This kit is simply perfect for creating an airbrushed look, with a combination of six blendable shades designed to mold, sculpt, define and add new depth and dimension to your face. Contouring and highlighting have never been this easy, all thanks to this lovely Blur Kit.

Black eye pencil by Samoa. I use this pencil to highlight my waterline with black and draw some attention to my eyes while giving them an edgy yet sharp look. For this step, any black eye pencil would do well.

Glam Eyes Day 2 Night by Rimmel. This mascara is packed in a mambo jumbo tube with a pretty and cute pink hue on the top. It works both ways, to add length and volume. You open one cap and swoosh the mascara wand across your lashes to give length, and then open the other cap to add definition and volume to your lashes. Now ever since I got lash extensions, I haven’t used any mascara, except for my lower lashes (and to be honest, any mascara will do).

Lip pencil by Provoc in 47 (Luscious). If you ask me what is my favorite part about applying makeup, I would answer drawing and coloring my lips with Provoc pencils, without any hesitation. Provoc. is. BAE. I am in love with everything about this brand! Its smudge-free formula makes me want to wear it on my lips all day. The wide variety of shades makes me eat to get them all. Why not, if one pencil costs only $5?

Nail Polish by Essie in 182 (Russian Roulette). Well, Essie is the real MVP among all nail polish brands, need not explain why. The shade in #182 is a fun summery red that gives your fingernails a bright and refreshing look, just good enough to show them off by the pool.

Pretty of a Peach body splash by Bath and Body Works. I obsess over body splash, and this one is just a part of my obsession. It smells exactly like sweet peaches and refreshes your body after a cool shower following a long & hot summer day. What’s so special about this splash? Its diamond mist formula gives your body an intense amount of sparkles and glitters that reflect on your summer tan, giving you a fairy dust feel.

Have you tried any of the above-listed products? Share with me your feedback if so, and recommend your own favorite makeup and beauty products that you just cannot be apart from during summertime

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