We all know that a first date is a perfect opportunity to make a great first impression on your partner, and sometimes you could get nervous not to screw things up. Unfortunately, some men get defeated by anxiety and bad stuff happen. So the main questions girls ask themselves after the first date should I accept date #2? Not with these guys:

1. The One with No Manners

Good manners nowadays are no longer expressed by him coming on a white horse and serenading your way down in the elevator. However, chivalry is not dead and you should expect a well-mannered gentleman to share your dinner. Take into consideration the way he treats the valet parking, the waiters, beggars on the streets and other people that are not directly involved in your date. If he is rude to them, then he is a rude person, no matter how kind he is to you on your first date. Eventually, the mask falls off and he will treat you the way he treats everyone. Does he say please and thank you? does he interrupt you? Does he chew will his mouth open (because that is just simply disgusting)? Is he polite? Those are important things to consider before going out on date #2 because you don’t want to go out with a rude pig, again.

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2. The One with no other interest than his selfish ass

There is nothing sexier than going out with a confident man that knows what he wants and knows how to achieve his goals. However, there is a thin line between confidence and arrogance. You won’t want to spend the night listening about his Porsche Cayenne, biceps, triceps, abs, watch, shoes, salary, connections (bayye bya3rif wazir el ba2ar), parties, bills, bitches girls that surround him, work, blah blah blah… Because.. what added value with this date bring to your evening if you’re gonna spend the night hearing to some cocky insecure prick that obviously doesn’t care about you as an individual.

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3. The One who is just simply NOT funny

Because.. how? Seriously, how could you go out with a man that cannot make your laugh? It is in woman nature to be attracted to a guy that is funny, let him be uglier than King Kong.

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4. The One With no soul

He will not mind closing the windows on the fingers of a poor child who is begging at his “fancy” car. He is probably that asshole who kills cats, drinks their blood, shoots their corpse and uploads all that on Facebook.

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5. The One Who Won’t Leave His Phone

Probably because he thinks that he is Don Corleone and that his bestie won’t survive without telling him who just texted him. A guy who won’t leave the phone while being with you obviously shows a sign of poor manners and is not worthy f your time. Becuase what could be better than spending a Saturday night with a guy that keep on talking to his iPhone instead of you.

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6. The One who Won’t shut up about his ex.

There are two types of guys that blab about their ex on their first date and you should run away from both of them. The first type would talk shit about her as soon as they break up, saying stuff like “yea she was bad in bed anyway, her family sucks, her clothing style is so ratchet….” Well, guess who is ratchet. HE is! A person, let it be a man or a woman, who talks shit behind the back of a person that was once close to them obviously shows no sign of self-respect.

The second type of guys who won’t shut up about his ex is the one who brings her up randomly, like “oh I used to go there with Dolly, oh Dolly and I used to love this place, oh this place reminds me of Dolly, oh Dolly… Dolly… Dolly…” OK, we get it! Run away from this guy, because he is obviously still not over her. You don’t wanna be with someone who still thinks of another woman. If you’re gonna accept date #2, you will be facilitating the formation of a so-called “rebound relationship”. And that, kids, is a pain in the ass.

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7. The One who can’t keep his hands to himself

When the date is over (in which he couldn’t stop thinking of how to get into your pants), he finally attempts to get there. He will start playing smooth.. holding your hand (because he is a romantic dude), playing with your hair (because your Pert Plus charmed him), kiss you gently on your cheek (li2anno 2edame) then accidentally slip to your lips, and get his filthy hands all over you (thinking itsoke because it was OK for Mr. Grey to do so). Well, sorry to break it out for you, he is not Mr. Grey. He is just thirsty and horny, so leave him keeping his hands… to himself.

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8. The One who is plain.. boring

Eh beshtghilll.. eh, btalli3 2ershen… eh bsu2 BMW w bshaffet fiya bel se7a… shu bede aktar mn hek.. sheghle mnih bikafine ma3ashe la ekhir el shaher… bheb ekol fasolia… yale bighayer 3adto bit2il s3adto… betla3 3al jabal bheb etsayad 3asafir. Bas khalis sed btoj nawme.


Nothing more boring than spending an evening with someone who doesn’t want to go out of his comfort zone. How inspiring is it to hear about nothingness and pure monotone.

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9. The one who bombards you with texts and calls the next day

Because yalla ya mama shed el hemme sar lezim tetjawaz. The guy who is pressured to commit to a relationship. He would call you 90 times an hour, be clingy, text you all day asking about your day. Desperately ask you out on date #2 because date #1 was so fun and you are “not like other girls”. Jeez bro, take a break we just met.

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10. The one who treats you like a Bro

Saving the best for last. Some guys do not fully comprehend the idea that girls are girls and boys are boys. They treat everyone, including their date, as their bro, because he is just so damn cool. He would share his feedback about the ass of the girl that just walked in, share with you his bowel movements and barf in front of you. This unique kind of guys should be left in the friend zone… or the bro zone.. or the nothing zone

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Regardless of anything you read on the internet, follow your heart. Just do not forget to take your brain with you.

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