I’m in a relationship… with my iPhone

I guess all of us have faced the shattering moment when our one and only smartphone breaks down. For me, this moment is overly dramatic and heartbreaking. Well, you see, I suffer from a severe addiction towards …. my iPhone. I would like to call it iPhonomania. I have developed this addiction back in 2012 where I got my first iPhone 4S. I still remember that tiny, black smartphone I carried which feels as ancient as a Nokia compared to current Apple models.


My addiction began when I kissed my Blackberry and a long generation of Nokias goodbye and got this revolutionary fifth-generation iPhone. It was effing GORGEOUS. I was in high school. Now I believe that I may not have needed this phone back in those days, but hey, who did? The phone was only good enough for chatting, scrolling down your social networks, stream videos on YouTube, edit pictures on Instagram and set an alarm that will be surely snoozed in the morning. Back then, Facebook was dying, Instagram was on the rise and I remember everyone was using Twitter, but nobody knew why though? Snapchat who?

My iPhone 4 survived two years of college. So that’s around 3 years of carrying the same phone. By the end of this period, the poor iPhone had been worn out. But you can tell that by that time, my whole life had been on that phone. I don’t like changing my phones too often, but sometimes I gotta do what I gotta do. I mean, I can’t carry on with a phone that no longer serves me well. So as the 4th iPhone has no longer been valid for me, I have decided to upgrade. But here I chose to skip the slightly bigger and slimmer iPhone 5 and go all the way up to the brand new *drumroll* iPhone 6.

Compared to what I had before, my new baby was a miracle. WAY bigger. WAY slimmer. WAY faster. WAY more productive. and WAY more useful, as I learned to put a smartphone to use. I benefited from its amazing 8 MP camera, fingerprint sensor, larger storage, modern look and feel and all those other geeky specs that I barely know of. I finally put the majority of its basic Apps to use, and let’s not forget the lifesaving Airdrop.

As time went by, my phone began acquiring so many valuable things. They were my contacts list, my pictures, my apps, my emails, my messages, my chats and my life. I was tied down to that phone. If someone would ask me, what is one thing that you cannot leave the house with? It would definitely be my iPhone.

However, as time flew by, my baby started to get old and sick. I once had to take it to its hospital phone repair shop when the screen flipped off. The shop gave a temporary replacement, which was an ancient Nokia, discovered on the same day with the wheel. It could call, send text messages (who?) and had only one recreational thing, The Snake. The smartphone doctor promised that I could check out my baby in the evening, but the checking out hours finished earlier than I could get there so my agony prolonged till the next day.

As soon as I got my iPhone back the other day, I felt at ease, like my life resumed back to normal again. I felt normal again.

After healing, my iPhone served me up to 2 years more, until last Sunday. When I was scrolling down my WhatsApp, the screen turned off. After attempting to get it back, it didn’t do well. I could feel the phone respond to notifications and vibrate, but it showed nothing.

You know there is that quote that says: when one door closes, the other one opens, or something as cheesy as that. I carried my mom’s old spare iPhone 5S for a day and it felt so 2013. I felt like I was old, outdated and missing out on so much. The phone was tiny and plainly weird.

I wish I had a credit card to rush to the nearest mobile retailer and buy a new iPhone 7 Plus. But since I’m so impulsive as you can see, I don’t dare to have a credit card. Debit is good enough for me. Otherwise, I would have been bankrupt, or in jail. 

Anyway, I had to borrow money from my mom and the next day I finally purchased a brand new iPhone 7 plus in Black, because I’m a classy boss lady (lol), that I have wanted for so long. Apart from the following features, it is not much different that my previous iPhone.

  • Its camera is TO DIE FOR. Since this feature is SO amazing, I have decided to blab about it in the first place. Comparing it with my older iPhone that had 8 Megapixels (rear) and 1.2 megapixels (front), the new and revolutionary iPhone had 12 megapixels (rear) and 8 megapixels (front), which is actually a HUGE and noticeable difference. It also has two rear cameras that let you zoom in without pixelating the images. Now what I like the most about this phone is the Portrait camera effect that allows you to apply a depth effect on the filters, making your images look as if they were perfectly shot on a professional DSLR camera. Just look at that!


  • The Live camera feature is fun, but I still dunno how to put it into use. Y tho?


  • It came in iOS 10, which actually is a big deal to me since I wasn’t able to install it on my older phone. Yes, I was still on iOS 9 point something until July 2017! Call that old fashioned.


  • It is BIG! In all senses! Big on the outside, lovely 5.5” and big on the inside, 32 GB, and that is double the size that I had on my previous iPhone. I was able to reinstall all the apps that I had to remove, such as Shazam, True Caller, and Snapchat. Oh yes! I’m back on Snapchat (@yermolenkoval).
  • I can remove pre-installed iOS apps that I don’t need. Farewell Stocks, iWatch, Compass, FaceTime, Find My Friends, iBooks and more. Leave some space for more useful data.
  • Now regarding software, Java, and all that magic, I have no idea how the iPhone 7 plus had been improved, but all I know that it has 3 GB of RAM instead of 1 GB and thus, it is much faster. In fact, till date, it is the fastest iPhone, until the iPhone 8 comes out.

Writing this article made me feel funny and at the same time weird. I felt like my addiction is serious and that technology is taking over me. But hey, let’s face it! Who isn’t on their phones all the time? Whether it’s for work, connecting with friends and family (yea), people are ALWAYS on their phone, and I’m one of them. Now, this sounds shallow and you may be thinking like: OK, there are more important matters in life to consider than your iPhone, and you are 100% right! Human rights, child slavery, Lebanese waste crisis, regional and international wars and all that jazz are WAY more important than my new iPhone and I’m highly eager in putting efforts into making the world a better place, but first, let me answer my call.


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