So since everyone has been asking me about how I edit my photos and what’s the secret to making them look so magical, I have decided to share with you the best photo editing apps out there (and trust me, I have tried quite a few!).


This is by far the BEST photo editing app ever! I use it to edit almost ALL of my Instagram pictures. Snapseed is produced by Nik Software, a subsidiary of Google, for iOS and Android.

What makes this app so special?

Well, pretty much everything! I’m in love with the user interface and once you get ahead with it, it is actually easy to use. The selective editing is by far the best feature that this app has to offer. You can select a certain area on your image and play with the brightness, contrast, saturation, and structure. I’m also a big fan of its HDR feature that sharply enhances the colors of the picture to your own taste.

Here is a glance of a before and after Snapseed:

FullSizeRender 42

After Snapseed Editing


Before Snapseed Editing

I just can’t wait till Nik Software produces a desktop version of Snapseed, since editing the pictures on the phone is sometimes a pain in the ass, especially when your phone does not have enough storage and decides to get all moody on you.


VSCO is suitable for iOS and Android smartphone devices created by Visual Supply Company. It is my favorite app to use when I want to create a subtle – grungy – edgy look for my images and portray a nostalgic mood.

Here is a comparison of a before and after shot using VSCO editing:

FullSizeRender 28

Before VSCO Edit

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

After VSCO Edit

Here I have used the C1 filter in 5.9, Exposure in 0.8, Contrast in +1.4, Saturation in +0.9, Highlights in +12, Shadows in +0.2, and Fade in +1. And Voila!

I also wish that VSCO developers would create a desktop version for editing!


This is something that I use to edit my selfies. YouCam Makeup is developed by a Taiwanese company, CyberLink Corp. The key in using this app os not to go heavy on the makeup filters and stay natural. I love this app for the automatic face detection (for the days when I am feeling lazy). I love its face structure option, teeth whitening, eye brightening, blemish and eye bag removal. I wouldn’t advise you to go with the automatic makeup looks as you make end up looking like a cheap, fake ass clown.

I actually like this app more than the popular Factune, because it requires less work all thanks to the automatic facial feature detection.

I googled a Raw face to show you the wonders of selfie transformation using YouCam Makeup

Young woman in black top

Before YouCam Makeup


After YouCam Makeup

As you can see, her face looks way more airbrushed and smooth, the under-eye bags (that are definitely not Prada) are gone, her eyes look brighter, and face looks slimmer, and lips are a bit more colored. And again, there is a thin line between fine tuning and coloring your face (no matter how convinced you are that the end result is natural, nobody would believe you that this is your natural look)IMG_5147.JPG


Instasize is an app developed by the creators of Instagram that helps you fit in images in the Insta-parameters frame. Ever since Instagram had made it possible to fit merely all images to your feed without using the white borders, I have remained using Instasize to upload a series of multiple images – since the update does not work on this feature (hopefully YET). I like the way it preserves the quality of the images. It also has some cute filters, however, I would still recommend using VSCO for a higher edge of filters.


Raw Image


Using Instasize fitting and mild editing

I’m not a big fan of its editing, but it works.

Those are pretty much the apps that use for my Instagram images. Share your favorite apps in the comments section and let me know once you have tried the above-mentioned apps.

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