Beirut, brace yourself. KIKO Milano is finally here

So I heard some great news earlier this week from @CherylCharm that KIKO MILANO is finally landing in Beirut, and I just cannot NOT write about it, as this excited me a lot. This brand that is new to the Lebanese market will be available in ABC Verdun as of THIS Friday, 28/7/2017.

ABC Verdun is Beirut’s newest mall that covers a total built-up area of 150,000 SQM and six floors of customer experience. The grand opening of ABC Verdun will convey so many new brands to the Lebanese market that were unavailable before. According to ABC’s deputy CEO, Frank Kuntermann, the new mall will be built on a total land area of 18,000 SQM, containing 50,000 SQM of the total built-up space exclusively dedicated to catering international brands. The ABC department store alone will take up 10,000 SQM. Finally, the new mall’s space for pure entertainment and leisure will cover as much as 6,000 SQM and 1,800 SQM of garden space, fronted by boutique retailers and cafe seating.

In addition, the $300 million project that offers around 2,000 job opportunities, will host more than 200 shops which include 28 restaurants and coffee shops that are new to Beirut, such as The Toy Store, Calvin Klein Jeans, and what I’m most excited about – KIKO Milano.

KIKO Milano is a professional Italian brand of high-end quality makeup at the most affordable prices, that offers over 1,200 professional makeup and skincare products and advanced accessories. On an international level, Kiko Milano has 600 points of sale in 8 countries in Europe alone, and a presence in 34 nations, due to its e-commerce channel.

I first heard about this brand from my mom who went to visit my aunt (her sister) in Florence. I had requested her to buy me a bronzer and a compact powder from the duty-free. I usually buy Maybelline NY, L’Oreal Paris, Max Factor, Rimmel London and brands of the equivalent positioning. On the other hand, I have splurged on more expensive brands sometimes such as MAC, Lancome, Chanel, and Guerlain. However, more frequently I prefer to go for affordable brands since I apply makeup on a daily basis.

So here are the products that I have:


This KIKO Design Flower Enriched Bronzer is from the Neo Noir limited edition collection and it is a creamy bronzer containing petal extracts. I love the idea that there are two different shades in the same compact package. The lighter color creates a delicate and radiant look and the darker color gives the edgy look. This bronzer that I have is in the Geometric Honey shade and I use the darker shade to contour my cheeks, whereas the lighter shade is a definite go-go for some highlight touch-ups. You can get is also in the Couture Sienna shade that has a blush instead of a compact powder section with a darker bronzer, that is suitable for dark skinned girls out there. This reputable bronzer can be purchased for only around $14 and as good as any upscale brand, but with a price that doesn’t kill your pocket.

The second product that I have from KIKO Milano, and I actually have 2 of them is the Kiko Milano Perfecting Powder in O2 shade. It is an amazing powder with an intense matte finishing, but it does not “cake” on your face. What I loved about this powder is its cool gunmetal mirror case packaging that protects the powder from breaking if it falls, yet still feels really lightweight. In addition, the powder also comes with a small magnetic closure that is kind of cool in itself. I reckon that the price of the compact powder is only $11, which is more than reasonable for such good product composition and packaging.